Friday, September 12, 2008

Room 213: Enter the Chamber of Desire

'Room 213' follows the tenuous relationship between an architect and
his photographer wife. Having lost any emotional connection with each
other over 10 years of marriage, they start to take extreme measures
in the hopes to rekindle their passion.

Story and Direction: Keith Sicat
Cinematography: Lyle Nemenzo Sacris
Production Design: Sari Lluch Dalena
Editor: Keith Sicat
Music: Teresa Barrozo
Sound Design: Ria Munoz
Second Unit Director of Photography: Krista Lluch Dalena
Script Consultant: Jim Flores
Line Producer: Sari Lluch Dalena (Kino Arts)
Associate Producer: Endi "Hai" Balbuena
Supervising Producer: Valerie S. Del Rosario
Producer: Vicente G. Del Rosario III
Executive Producer: Vicente Del Rosario Jr.
Allen Dizon
Gwen Garci
Tyron Perez
Maricar dela Fuente
Leo Meir
Carla Samonte

Not all marriages are made in heaven. Some fail because one or both partners fall out of love. Other marriages dissolve due to a dwindling sex life.

What if you've been married for years and notice that your sex life with your husband or wife is losing its fire? Will you find ways to rekindle it or would you simply let it die? Such is the fate of two couples in the new movie 'Room 213'.

Max (Allen Dizon) and his wife Lex (Gwen Garci) are a couple in a crisis. Ten years of marriage has drained the passion from them. Outwardly, they are clearly successful people, but money doesn't buy love. But are desperately trying to rekindle the fire between them and after many conservative attempts, they are now trying more extreme methods.

Within the confines of their rendezvous room, they play different roles to each other in the hopes that their make-believe alter egos can provoke their love in reappearing.

One essential part of marriage is a healthy and active sex life between husband and wife. Find out how you can keep the fire burning as 'Room 213' opens exclusively at Robinsons cinemas on September 24. Room 213 also stars Maricar dela Fuente and Tyrone Perez. A Viva Films presentation of a Kino Arts production. Directed by Keith Sicat.

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