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FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest Women

Here’s the list of FHM picks for the 100 sexiest women for 2008 wherein there were millions of votes for one hundred women… but only the one who got the highest vote was the winner… Who is the sexiest woman for the year 2008 and Philippines' Finest? Check it out below and the other 99 sexy girls…

1. Marian Rivera - Marimar was clearly destined for greatness, and it was up to Marian to fulfill the promise. So she put on a sun-dress, danced on the beach, showed creamy gams, just enough looks at her cleavage, actually good acting and—boom!—clear dominance in the ratings game. Now with Dyesebel, she’s teasing us with implied toplessness and mermaid fins, the excitement has become unbearable. We promise to take part in the full unveiling!

2. Megan Fox - Her insane rise to stardom and landing on top of FHM’s global list of the 100 Sexiest are anchored on just one movie, and one where human participation could have been done away with easily: Transformers. How could such adoration be so swift? From a purely physical aspect, Megan draws no arguments. The official FHM effusive praise is that she’s the “junior Angelina Jolie.” Of course!

3. Katrina Halili - After years terrorizing lead stars in blockbuster soaps, Katrina has spent numerous afternoons being thrashed about, spat at, insulted, slapped in the face in the afternoon weepfest Magdusa Ka. Surely this will not benefit our only two-time winner at all! While we all want to love a pushover, we certainly can’t lust after one. But we trust the show’s writers will sneak in a bikini scene there somewhere.

4. Angel Locsin - Not a few thought switching TV networks was a gross miscalculation on her part. But she is still in control of her worth, clearly in the mega-millions as evidenced by her stellar celebrity endorsements, a major TV drama, movies made and yet-to-be-made. And the clincher: She is still supernova-hot and not a hint of an implosion evident.

5. Diana Zubiri - When FHM becomes a Philippine institution and pop culture critics begin to dissect our idea of beauty, they would probably come up with Diana Zubiri as the archetype. Not that the women who have graced our pages are not varied—it’s just that Diana is so loved by the readers that they’ve followed her in every pursuit she has taken. She is still Diana Zubiri, certified FHM hottie.

6. Ehra Madrigal - Beware: Ehra’s fighting skills will continue to improve as her new show Asero unfolds. Something in the mold of a Lara Croft is how she sees her career progress, in fact. But the gonads-crushing is just for show—in real life she’s so nice she’d probably take you to a hospital if she suspected you have a hernia.

7. Iwa Moto - If you have been watching Nuts Entertainment, you must have been paying particular attention to Iwa Moto, noting how she is so fond of wearing bikini tops now and how “they’re” naturally beautiful. If you have been watching and were in the insurance business, you’re probably thinking if your company has a policy for insuring valuable body parts.

8. Cristine Reyes - Year by year, little by little, we waited for Cristine to blossom into a fine, vampy and, most important, legal-age lass—expressing through this list, among other communication tools, our desire to have her on the cover. So as soon as she blew her 18th candle last year, we booked her instantly for a cover and calendar shoot.

9. Anne Curtis - Eight years running and we’re still praying to the men’s magazine gods to sway her in our direction. We’re no Aga Muhlach, but we daresay Anne deserves better—read: an FHM cover. We’re not about to beg, because as of now, we’re still salivating over the thought of her being a foxy “goddess of the earth, sky, and water” in Dyosa.

10. Angelica Panganiban - After a fairly recent controversy involving an alleged digital “tweaking” to get her looking immaculately hot and flawless on a liquor calendar photo campaign, the feisty 21-year-old still holds as much spunk and appeal as her onscreen alter egos. Just call to mind her FHM cover appearance last year. Why is she so hot? It’s in that Santa Santita face, and the equally sinful-saintly body.

11. KC Concepcion
12. Alessandra de Rossi
13. Bianca King
14. Jennylyn Mercado
15. The EB Babes
16. Bea Alonzo
17. Francine Prieto
18. Iya Villania
19. Riza Santos
20. Michelle Madrigal

21. Maja Salvador
22. Precious Adona
23. Nancy Jane
24. Rhian Ramos
25. Asia Agcaoili
26. Pauleen Luna
27. Heart Evangelista
28. Shaina Magdayao
29. Valerie Concepcion
30. Niña Jose

31. Hazel Ann Mendoza
32. The Kitty Girls
33. Yasmien Kurdi
34. Mariel Rodriguez
35. Toni Gonzaga
36. Gwen Garci
37. Bianca Gonzalez
38. Roxanne Guinoo
39. Joyce Jimenez
40. Iza Calzado

41. Jennifer Lee
42. Beyonce
43. Kim Chiu
44. Jacq Yu
45. Sarah Geronimo
46. Gaby dela Merced
47. Maureen Larazabal
48. Maxene Magalona
49. Keeley Hazell
50. Joyce So

51. Ariani Nogueira
52. Wendy Valdez
53. Bubbles Paraiso
54. Cherry Ann Kubota
55. Valerie Garcia
56. Jaymee Joaquin
57. Raine Larrazabal
58. Ryza Cenon
59. Lunining
60. Sheena Halili

61. Angelina Jolie
62. Ornussa Cadness
63. Gail Nicolas
64. Rufa Mae Quinto
65. Scarlett Johannsson
66. Jackie Rice
67. Nikki Gil
68. Pops Fernandez
69. Krista Ranillo
70. Cristina Garcia

71. Kat Alano
72. Jenny Miller
73. Jewel Mische
74. Michaela Espinosa
75. Arra Castro
76. Kris Bernal
77. Renee Summer
78. Paloma
79. Jeri Lee
80. Amanda Griffin

81. Kristine Jaca
82. Precious Lara Quigaman
83. Myles Hernandez
84. Jamilla Obispo
85. Ella V.
86. Ana Lea Javier
87. Anna Scott
88. Alyssa Alano
89. LJ Reyes
90. Aliya Parcs

91. Lindsay Lohan
92. Sofie
93. Belinda Bright
94. Rich Asuncion
95. Sachie Sanders
96. Nicole Hernandez
97. Bianca Valerio
98. Kristine Hermosa
99. Aina Gonzalez
100. Victoria London

This year’s climbers:

1. Marian Rivera - From no. 24 to no. 1
2. Diana Zubiri - From no. 7 to no. 5
3. Iwa Moto - From no. 10 to no. 7
4. Cristine Reyes - From no. 15 to no. 8
5. KC Concepcion - From no. 37 to no. 11
6. Alessandra de Rossi - From no. 49 to no. 12
7. Michelle Madrigal - From no. 39 to no. 20
8. Heart Evangelista - From no. 35 to no. 27
9. Shaina Magdayao - From no. 41 to no. 28
10 Roxanne Guinoo - From no. 56 to no. 38

This year’s droppers:

1. Kristine Hermosa - From no. 94 to no. 98
2. LJ Reyes - From no. 45 to no. 89
3. Jamilla Obispo - From no. 47 to no. 84
4. Amanda Griffin - From no. 43 to no. 80
5. Jewel Mische - From no. 28 to no. 73
6. Pops Fernandez - From no. 54 to no. 68
7. Rufa Mae Quinto - From no. 57 to no. 64
8. Sheena Halili - From no. 46 to no. 60
9. Yasmien Kurdi - From no. 26 to no. 33
10. Valerie Concepcion - From no. 14 to no. 29
11. Pauleen Luna - From no. 13 to no. 26
12. Iya Villania - From no. 11 to no. 18
13. Jennylyn Mercado - From no. 8 to no. 14
14. Bianca King - From no. 6 to no. 13
15. Angelica Panganiban - From no. 4 to no. 10

New Entries:

1. Rich Asuncion at no. 94
2. Anna Scott at no. 87
3. Paloma at no. 78
4. Krista Ranillo at no. 69
5. Wendy Valdez at no. 52
6. Ariana Nogueira at no. 51
7. Sarah Geronimo at no. 45
8. Kim Chiu at no. 43
9. The Kitty Girls at no. 32
10. Nina Jose at no. 30
11. Precious Adona at no. 22
12. Riza Santos at no. 19

Source: FHM Philippines

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